22After a break we have had we are ready to get a double spead!  The next level of our business way is going to be a business meeting. New people, new opportunities and fresh ideas.

Since some time we have been working at a project which brings  the opportunity to usethe whole marketing tools we know well. With this project and its products we will work in the nearly future. More info soon.

Just a little about launching new products:

1) storyteling a good way for any marketing campaign

2)  do research includingcompetition

3)bring the value with the brand,products or service

4)base on the USP and SWOT

4) estimate the product life-cycle

5) test a product on to the market

The tips are not only a winning part of succeed produ cts, etc.
We have to remember behind every strong brand we can find the ingredients of crispy ideas strong advertisment well trained staff.



i have had a very busy day. Behind me a business meeting hope it will bring me more and more fresh ideas. In the early future I am going to organise fasion show a huge one if someone would like to join me I mean fresh designers, hairdresses, pls write to me.


Just love your customers

Make a great customer management strategy

Customers preffer to buy from business that are buzzings. We are in a heart of our businesses of selling a product, service and the staff have to be able to sell with passion !

Happy employees are more productive and having the opportunity to stay with a company for longer. Remember, that success of any business starts with the person at the top. Are they motivating, inspiring and developing ? If so, they reached the success ! The staff is more important to small businesses  as its owners are more visible to both the customers and employees.

SO just simple try to fit your customers and delighting them approach in a good manner do not forget to make a great offer.

They love it.

action without action :)

action without action 🙂.

action without action :)

wykresAction implies coming up with various methods, planning, considering, thinking, approaching to make a good one. Regarding to the database which is a crucial part when starting up your bushiness not only this part plays vital role in a business. Planning step by step is another thing we should know and consider in every second of a business’s cycle. Almost what we do brings to a business the benefit from a plan. Planning gives us the green light to make a good decision and helps us to achieve the pre set goals. With  this factor which is planning and it is a major benefit to your business you can be more objective and ensure that what you do could make a difference to your business.

You  can do this through making a shape of a good plan to your business. Do not follow and do not copy mega, huge companies. The most important thing to you is to know your customers and their needs. Try to fit their needs and you will achieve your aims.


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Hi everyone,
I am talking about the very important routine that helps manage the businesses in an easy way.


Well organized a database helps you to keep and bring your customers. Yes, it means that the simple activity which is obtaining the database gives you the opportunity to build a strong business. Without it you can not be a one of the leaders on the market. The database is like a spine of your body. It will help you to move from one step to another and you will have the opportunity to climbe higher and higher on the market of the competition. Moreover, well obtained a database creates the way to prepare a uinque promotion package. Having a good one, knowing and loving your customers you cane bring with those ingrediens a huge impact to your business.

During my marketing trip I have observed many small businesses, which tried to exist on the market. Some of them did not exist anymore which is sad. However, this small picture shows us the databse plays a main role in every business.