This part of marketing covers variety activities of materials that can very well get the world out about your business, service or product or a one-time promotion or event or activity dependant on your company philosophy in general.The list of the materials is endless but I wrote some of them below:(you know the form of the direct marketing strategy very well as its around us every day 😉 )
1) mail pieces
2) flyers
3) brochures
4) e-mail messages
5) catalogs
Every single day we receive minimum one direct mail in our mailbox.
A flyer comes through our door twice or more and a postcard or a brochure. The direct marketing is atound us.Last survey from 2012 showed that approximately 50bilion pieces of direct mail are sent out bringing about $120 bilion in sales. Huge and massive organizations use that form of a modern communication to make a bigger proffit, boosts sales, sharpen images, pay a bigger attention to its brands or generate leads.
The most most important is do not lose a right message to your business I mean with the direct mail piece you need to give the right goal with the answer:
Who is your audience? What do you want the piece to accomplish in reaching that audience?
Propably with the direct mail piece, of course if it goes to the right recipient, your message often is to urge an immediate response from the recipient by promoting a benefit that speaks directly to him.


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